About us

Yes, we know. You’re saying to yourself “What exactly do sales & marketing consultants do?” It’s a good question. Our friends sometimes ask us the same thing. So here goes, this is a concise check list of some of the most requested services that we can help you with.

Sales channel analysis

Are you a manufacturer looking to review or strengthen your existing distribution network, or are you considering a direct-to-dealer model instead ?

Discount Structures

Front end, back end. Settlement discounts, targeted retro discounts, marketing rebates. We can show you what works best.

Marketing strategy

The US merchant John Wanamaker once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Campaign planning

Leading on neatly from marketing strategy and budget analysis, we love the planning and execution of marketing campaigns.


Press Relations

While there’s no doubt that your brand can directly communicate with the world in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago, the press are still your buddies.


Social Media

A really important plank these days in your marketing mix, this can be one of the most affordable and targeted ways of reaching customers.

Artist Liaison

When managed well, artist accommodation deals can create a rich source of quality PR for a brand – but when done badly it can simply result in a bloke no-one’s ever heard of getting a ludicrously cheap deal on your gear, and you’ll never hear from him again. We’ll show you how it works.

What Next?

The beauty of working with Sound Marketing Consultants is that we’re not increasing your overall staff headcount, and you’re free to use us for a single day, for short fixed term projects, or for a few hours a week on a longer ongoing basis. It’s entirely flexible and you can choose the type of engagement that suits you. So if you think we can help – drop us a line!

howard-jonesHoward Jones

Having graduated from London University with a degree in Electronics, Howard Jones’ career in pro audio and MI began in 1988 at Thatched Cottage Audio – one of the UK’s premier retailers of recording equipment to the fledgling project studio market. Howard then moved on to work as Sales & Marketing Manager for TL Audio, eventually handling international sales and generating the company’s entire marketing output. After a spell at pro audio marketing agency The Bridge, he then assumed the role of Sales & Marketing Director at Source Distribution. Over a ten-year period, Howard presided over a five-fold increase in turnover, and cemented Source’s position as the UK’s leading independent distributor of pro audio and MI products – handling brands such as RØDE, Genelec, Universal Audio, Moog, Arturia, PreSonus, Eventide and API.

In August 2016 Howard established Sound Marketing Consultants, based in Cambridge, UK.